Cooking up your Dream Kitchen

Kitchens really are the “heart and hearth” of the home. Along with bathrooms, kitchen remodels top the list of the home improvement wish lists for many homeowners and for good reason. Since the post-war mid-20th century era of urbanization, there’s been a movement to rethink and revise the kitchen’s role in a busy household. A stylishly-smart kitchen remodel usually provides two notable benefits: (1) a high return on investment whether for resale or simply to continue enjoying your home … and (2) remarkably improved efficiency, function, and safety. With so many home renovation and cooking TV shows, magazines, DIY home stores, and online opinions, homeowners easily get overwhelmed by the options and estimates. That’s when a professional home remodeler (like Evergreen Remodeling!) can help.

So, let’s break it down:

FUNCTION: Kitchens are one of the busiest rooms in the house — lots of traffic, lots of responsibility. Consider the placement of entrances and windows, appliance positions, food prep and eating areas. Does an island make sense and if so, should it be a source for water and electricity or primarily a work and/or eating surface? Accessibility and storage are equally important, especially for seniors choosing “Aging in Place” or those facing ADA-related issues: lower counters, pantry cabinets, and pull-out shelving makes a huge difference. Even the hardware selection is essential for how and who is using the cupboard spaces.

EFFICIENCY: Kitchens vary greatly in size and format but the need for efficiency remains constant. Spacious kitchens may accommodate more gatherings and preparations but small-size kitchens can be just as effective at cranking out a weekend dinner party. Aside from obvious sink, stove, and refrigerator positions, storage and accessibility can be defining factors in overall efficiency. Re-imaging the space to allow better storage solutions is often an answer to effective kitchen remodeling.

MATERIALS: Kitchen aesthetics run the gamut these days from vintage-retro to sleek-minimalism, depending on the home style and the homeowner’s style! A critical part of the process is determining the “face of the space” — colors, finishes, textures, lighting, and overall mood — things all dictated by the fashion of the time. Working with a professional home remodeler who understands how to make kitchens relevant will influence the outcome and life of the kitchen make-over.

As always, Evergreen Remodeling is happy to consult with homeowners about their custom kitchen project — and save them from the potential hassles and hazards that come with tackling the most popular room in the house. Check out our Work for a few ideas and let’s talk about your needs and wants for your kitchen.