Evergreen Remodeling is honored to have been a selected contractor on several key historic structures in the area, including the Historic Old Fort and many fine homes in local historic districts. Additionally, Sam is an appointed member of the City of Fort Wayne Historic Preservation Commission that helps homeowners understand and protect the value of historically significant structures.

Older homes require special attention, particularly when preserving the exterior while updating the interior for today's lifestyles. We're experts at respectfully blending the nostalgic past with the progressive present — give us a call, and we'll help you consider your best options to take you and your home into the future.

We are the proud owners of a 1920s Colonial Revival. When we began our complete remodel of the structure, we were referred to Sam Eagleson, owner of Evergreen Remodeling. Sam was an integral part of the entire project from start to finish. His attention to every detail is truly amazing, right down to the selecting the period-appropriate screws. As our restoration focused on the porch, we obtained an image from the original owner’s grandchildren featuring the original benches. Sam did a beautiful job recreating this historic feature; and the finished project, as with all projects he has completed for us, surpassed our expectations. — Paul H. & Patricia W., Fort Wayne